What do we do?


We love to perform in different settings and ensembles. Our eclectic experience goes from symphonic orchestral music to swing, house or avant-garde among other styles and genres. We see the performance from a holistic perspective. What we want to express guides us towards the right pieces to perform regardless their genre.


In any form of art, creativity is essential and brings all the expression from the artist to the world. We like to write new music and arrange the music that already exists. Also, we love to be involved creating and collaborating with new projects. Take a look at our current projects here.

Courses and workshops

“WHY DOES MUSIC DO THIS TO ME?” Is the first course we are releasing and it is very exciting! We are approaching music from a nice and fun perspective in order to make you have the best experience. This course is available as workshop as well, specially designed for team-building. Don’t you know about it yet? Click here! Also, learn about our mission, which is totally related to this course!




about us






Alberto Pérez is an Utrecht based brass player, music teacher and entrepeneur that is always looking for creative and challenging projects to carry out.


Graduated in tuba performance, Alberto pursued the goal to be an orchestra musician. After an extensive training including masterclasses with top orchestra players, two Master degrees and some professional experiences, he found out that his motivation went down. He needed to find a way to express himself in a more creative way. Playing avant-garde music, writing arrangements, organizing performances and improvising on trombone brought motivation back to Alberto, who became every time more interested in the entrepreneurial side of music.


That’s how Bom-B Music started!


Now, Bom-B Music’s mission is to divulge music among all kinds of people and help people develop themselves personally with the power of music. With that in mind, we created the course WHY DOES MUSIC DO THIS TO ME?






Current Projects