Our mission

"Every lesson we give means a lesson for someone who really needs it" 
Along my life, I have found amazing people who give everything they have without expecting anything in return. I found those amazing individuals during my studies, when practicing my hobbies or at work.
They gave me everything they could, free lessons, a couch where I could crush, love, friendship... And I did not even have to ask for it. I was never an exception, they do it with every person that cross their paths. We need more of that people! These individuals have inspired me to find a mission for my professional activities in which helping others is a must.

Personal development through music

I believe that music has a strong power and influence in people and their emotions. Music can change our mood instantly and help us overcome some circumstances we may have.

That is why our mission at Bom-B Music is to use music to help people when they are having some personal circumstances that are not pleasant.

For every lesson we give, we will bring our services to a person or group of people in order to help them developing personally through music.


How does it work?

We are in contact with several professionals that carry out different activities related to music and in combination with other disciplines. When we set up a new group for our course "Why does music do this to me?", we will contact one of these professionals so they can find a person or a group of people that we can help. They will provide us with a portfolio in which they will explain the reasons why we are going to help them, the activity they are going to do and how we are going to follow up with them. Then, we will bring some news and updates about our activities to our regular lessons, so you guys will know how is it going!

Every lesson of our course will be translated into an activity for people that need it in order to make their lives a bit easier!


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