Discover how your favorite music works, learn how to listen to music and share your experience with like-minded people.


Every lesson we give means a lesson for someone who really needs it. Learn about our mission!

Everyone has a story, and every story has a soundtrack


Happiness, melancholy, euphoria, sadness, nostalgia, love…
Have you ever wonder “why does music make me feel like this?”

Music lessons

After so many hours listening to music, do we even know what it really is about? Do we know the tools composers and music producers use? Would you like to know how to use those tools in order to express yourself?



Have you been watching a movie while you knew that something was going to happen because of a sound or a melody? On the other hand, some memories show up every time you listen to a certain music track, why does it happen?

We know what makes music so special, and we want to share it with you!

Now, learning about your favorite music will be exciting and a lot of fun!

After a bachelor, two masters and incontable masterclasses (+14 years of studies), I came up with a music course that makes music interesting and great fun to learn.  By the way, did I already introduce myself?

Our lessons contain

The music you like + new music to discover. We will find the link to their origins

Did you know that baroque, jazz and heavy metal have a lot in common? After sharing and discovering so much new music, you will be able to surprise your friends and family with music for any occasion.

Interactive resources

Audio tracks, music scores, videos, examples played live on an instrument…

A social environment

Our lessons are a meeting point for like-minded people. In groups of 5-8 people, we will spend time sharing our ideas and our favorite music!

Structured curriculum with a personal touch

We will follow a structured plan that is necessary in order to understand music better every time. You will end up knowing all the secrets.

However, we will also explore the music you like. In every lesson, we will analyze someone’s favorite music.

Fruit and wine (included)

Because, what is a social meetup without some food and beverages? (We also count with alternative options, very flexible in this aspect)

What will our lessons be like?

Let's picture one of our lessons


The screen, speakers and instruments will be set up as you arrive to the lesson. There's fruit and drinks on the table as well. It is the moment to forget about the regular world and immerse in the music world.


Now, we start with some musical concepts that will help us understand better the music we like. This time will talk about the different scales and how they can express different emotions in music. It is the second lesson about scales. As we already have some knowledge, we will explore with our senses. Therefore, we will see, hear, play and feel the differences between the scales. This part should take about 30 minutes.

After our exploration session, it's the turn of Jan*, who will share with us some piece of music he likes. As we are playing with scales, we will find which scales are used in this music, how they sound and how does it influence in the piece of art. Someone might recall some music they know, someone else might have a question about any concern... At the end, we will anounce the piece of music we will explore in the next lesoon. Remember, it's a piece of music that you or some fellow love. This second part should take another 30 minutes.

In the hour of our lesson, we have explored, felt and understand how these scales work. Also, we have identified them in our favorite music, which will open a new world for us every time we are listening to music. "What is this scale? Wait, this sounds like a Major escale, but it doesn't sound happy to me? Why?"

* = Jan is a fictional name

To take into account:

  • Our lessons have a duration of 1 hour
  • First part will contain theoretical and practical activities following the planned structure (30 minutes)
  • In the second part, we will analyze one of our users favorite pieces focusing on the aspects we have already learnt (30 minutes)